iWarehouse®: The Clear Way To Reduce Operating Costs


The Industry's Most Advanced Fleet Optimization Solution.

iWarehouse is the industry's most powerful and comprehensive fleet optimization solution. A revolutionary leap forward in the way businesses acquire, analyze, and act upon information about their lift truck fleet operations. iWarehouse enables warehouses to operate with greater efficiency and lower expenses.

iWarehouse provides ultimate control and cost reduction solutions for all of your warehouse operations including maximizing your truck and operator performance. It achieves this with a fully integrated suite of tools that continuously collects numerous data points in real-time. Easy to understand and integrate into your existing operations, iWarehouse is the industry's only solution that automatically transforms critical data into intelligent, intuitive graphic reports. That gives any material handling operation the ability to immediately evaluate and act upon the information that directly shapes your bottom line.

The result: Insight and control of your operations, the likes of which could not have been realized before iWarehouse.

Overview: Unlock The Power of iWarehouse

iWarehouse consists of six expertly-engineered modules, each providing specific remote reporting, control, and/or diagnostic functionality. By choosing the iWarehouse modules that best fit your operational imperatives, you can create the most robust, targeted custom solution that will reduce your operating costs, from day one.

Data collected for reporting:

  • Truck serial number
  • Model
  • Key hours
  • Deadman hours
  • Travel miles
  • Travel hours
  • Lift hours
  • Remote diagnostic codes
  • Speed and acceleration parameters
  • Battery state of charge

The iWarehouse Gateway®: One Web Portal For Fleet Analysis

Raymond iWarehouse Gateway

Where the comprehensive power of iWarehouse comes together.

Information is the key to successful fleet optimization, and nowhere is that better represented than through the iWarehouse Gateway, Raymond's uniquely designed, web portal through which you take control of your fleet.

Accessing the iWarehouse Gateway portal from your desktop, you are immediately presented with an intuitively formatted dashboard that consolidates — and enables immediate review of — your entire suite of iWarehouse modules. There are no multiple login screens, nor spreadsheets to wade through. Instead, you get a management-level snapshot of your entire fleet across multiple sites and the instant ability to drill down to individual truck and operator specifics. And only the iWarehouse Gateway enables you to make quick comparative analyses by being able to move between modules and reporting screens with the click of a button.

iPort®: Where Fleet Optimization Begins

Without quality information, you can't make quality decisions. iPort provides the source of the information: the truck itself.

Wirless Data Gathering

iPort is integrated into the truck's onboard vehicle manager allowing to connect the wireless monitor directly to the VM via a single cable rather than using several wirers and sensors, the traditional method.

iPort transmits truck data at one-second intervals, effectively giving you real time data monitoring of each and every truck in your fleet. Because data can be carried on your existing Wi-Fi system directly to the iMonitor®, there's no need to install a wireless network — iPort is ready when you are.

iTrack®: Accurate Maintenance Management Achieved Anytime

Raymond iWarehouse iTrack

Comprehensive data reports enables maximum productivity for your entire company.

iTrack provides you with accurate, actionable fleet maintenance data reports that stretch from individual trucks to aggregate data for specific facilities, regions or your entire company. Plus, iTrack allows you to monitor and reduce your overall costs per operating hour.

iTrack is available as an independent, stand-alone module, making it an excellent first step for those considering fleet management.

Do more and do it better with iTrack via the iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal:

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal

iVerify®: Vehicle Inspections For The Digital Age

Ensures operators use only the machines they are certified to use and insure that your operators are always in compliance before they touch your fleet.

No longer will pre-shift truck inspections need to be done on paper. With iVerify, operators are required to complete an electronic inspection checklist on their trucks at the start of every shift before being approved to drive a truck.

iVerify also records and stores inspection data with date/time stamps and operator names, critical for your warehouse's OSHA compliance requirements. Additionally, iVerify lets you decide how to prioritize and handle issues revealed during inspection.

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal

iMetrics®: Track Total Fleet Performance

The most precise way to right-size your fleet.

See your fleet like never before with iMetrics. You'll get critical information of the use and efficiency of every lift truck. This enables you to determine the right number and mix of trucks — and operators — for maximum performance and optimum efficiency.

iMetrics compiles individual truck "histories" based on usage data linked to each truck's serial number. With iMetrics' custom reports on truck utilization and productivity, it's simple to right-size your fleet and put each truck to its best use.

With iMetrics, you can:

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal

iAlert®: Increase Fleet Uptime with the Most Advanced Remote Diagnostic System In The Industry

Raymond iWarehouse iAlert

Immediately improve the efficiency of your truck servicing.

If your trucks could ask for service help when they needed it, you'd save time, money, and aggravation. Now, they can do precisely that, exclusively through iAlert.

iAlert monitors your fleet health by capturing dynamic, real time truck diagnostic codes and automatically transmits them to an authorized technician, or your in-house technician for remote diagnosis and service dispatch.

Do more and do it better with iTrack via the iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal:

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal

iControl®: Adjust Truck Operating Parameters From Your Desktop

Rayamond iWarehouse iControl

Vastly increased operational control is only a keystroke away.

iControl enables you to remotely adjust truck operating parameters. This includes how operators may use each machine, and within what speed parameters — travel and acceleration — they may operate. By integrating iControl into your daily operations, you can easily increase productivity and efficiency by allowing your supervisors to modify performances and characteristics on a given operator right from their desktops, without having to personally visit each truck on the floor.

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal
iControl allows you to modify:

iImpact®: Real-Time Impact Notification

Raymond iWarehouse iImpact

From the material handling experts at Raymond, a vast improvement in incident control.

Using iImpact results in lower costs related to truck repairs, and to damaged inventory and racking.

Until now, the vast majority of minor truck impacts have gone unreported or undiscovered, making it impossible to analyze causes or take preventive measures.

With iImpact, whenever your truck makes contact with a wall, racking or another vehicle, you automatically receive an email or text message notification identifying the truck and operator involved. You can also program the system to limit the truck's travel speed after the incident.

Only iImpact Provides Information You Need When It Happens:

iWarehouse Gateway Web Portal